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Corporate identity, logo, graphic style, packaging and communication.

Creadoras de Bosques is a brand of organic seeds in different formats to give away and personalize. It is a project designed and made in women,

made and designed by women, everything is produced with sustainable material,

thinking about generating the minimum waste. Brand creation, logo, elements

communication, the different packaging formats and the whole visual style of the project.

Art direction of the general graphics of the whole project.


Client: Creadoras de Bosques

Printing: Impresum i Gràfiques tot ràpid

Photographs: Montse Capdevila

creadoras de bosques-05437.jpg
creadoras de bosques-05200.jpg
creadoras de bosques-05184.jpg
creadoras de bosques-05549.jpg
creadoras de bosques-05106.jpg
creadoras de bosques-05206.jpg
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